Vanessa sujey

Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur, Therapist, Intuitive Life Coach

Vanessa Sujey stands out as a dynamic speaker, author, entrepreneur, therapist, and intuitive life coach, dedicated to catalyzing transformative healing and personal growth.

Her passion is fueled by her own journey and a deep commitment to helping others, particularly those who feel overshadowed by societal norms, especially melanated womxn.

Every conversation with Vanessa is a step toward enlightenment, empowerment, and holistic well-being.

Grounded in her extensive knowledge in social work, Vanessa offers an enriched understanding of mental health, going beyond textbook concepts to a more profound, human connection. She views mental health through a holistic lens, considering the intricate web of the mind, body, emotions, and behavioral patterns.

Her approach is a refreshing blend of traditional therapeutic principles from Internal Family Systems therapy and contemporary, innovative practices including FLOW breathwork, sound baths, and energetic healing, which she seamlessly integrates into her sessions and talks.

Radiant Living: 5 Paths to a Values Based Lifestyle

Vanessa's flagship talk guides attendees on the journey to a life of radiance, emphasizing the critical role of living in harmony with one's core values.

By centering on the MEB method (Mind, Emotions, Body, Behaviors), she expertly illustrates how alignment with how we show up in the world, directly impacts living in our values.

Additional Topics:

*Embodiment of Wellness; 5 Ways Women Can Deepen Their Mental Wellbeing

*Personal Story: Navigating My Mental Health and InVitro-Fertilization to Conceive

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Vanessa is open to tailoring something to meet the specific needs of your audience.


Vanessa Sujey's inspiring sessions are available for conferences, seminars, workshops, and podcast interviews.

With each engagement, she brings not only her expertise but also her authentic self, ready to connect, transform, and uplift her audience.


Vanessa Sujey is a passionate and energetic healer who thrives on profound conversations about healing and personal growth. 

Professional Bio

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With a background in social work, she brings a unique perspective to the intersection of mental health and holistic wellbeing, with an emphasis on interconnectedness of mind, body, emotions, and behavior. 

Vanessa’s eclectic approach combines Internal Family Systems therapy with embodied practices like FLOW breathwork, sound baths and energetic healing.

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“Thank you so much Vanessa for your presence, attunement, wisdom and guidance, you were truly God’s gift to me! ❤️”

"This was the first time all day I felt joyful and really light hearted. Every time you come on the screen I feel your energy and am comforted. I wanted to share that with you and let you know I appreciate you. Thank you!!”

"Thank you for EVERYTHING!!! You have been so instrumental in helping me mke such a big move! ❤️❤️❤️"