"Thank you for EVERYTHING!!! You have been so instrumental in helping me make such a big move!"

Why is it so important to do this now?

Womxn+! This is your time, your space, and your opportunity. Take it!


Because what you’ve been doing isn’t sustainable. It’s just not.

You can’t keep doing everything for others and leaving yourself for last.

You can’t keep running on fumes because you aren’t sleeping well. Part of your brain is always running through your to-do list – while other parts manage to keep you constantly busy.

Yes, you’ve tried many things before – but they don’t stick. Massages are great, and your amazing run felt good at the time… but that endorphin boost fades. Now what?

What you learn and experience while in therapy is life changing. No, seriously, it is. Our clients tell us so.

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Self Care Guide

Our self care journal guides you through defining self-care on your terms, indulging in physical activities that joyfully reconnect you with your body, and embracing creative outlets that resonate with your inner self.


“Thank you so much Vanessa for your presence, attunement, wisdom and guidance, you were truly God’s gift to me! ❤️”

"This was the first time all day I felt joyful and really light hearted. Every time you come on the screen I feel your energy and am comforted. I wanted to share that with you and let you know I appreciate you. Thank you!!”

"Thank you for EVERYTHING!!! You have been so instrumental in helping me mke such a big move! ❤️❤️❤️"